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Psychotherapy for the Soul inspires Mind, Body and Spirit; you will learn a new approach to life, allowing you to transform challenges into positive transitions.

Psychotherapy & Meditation

  • Meditation can lead you to physiological, behavioural, and cognitive changes that have therapeutic benefits.
  • Learn meditation techniques to remove stress, find inner peace, and be kind toward yourself and others.
  • Learn tools to help create more balance in your life.
  • Learn and be guided in meditation by a skilled teacher and experienced psychotherapist with many clinical years of experience, helping people use deep states of meditation to gain insight and take the right action.
  • Access previously unconscious material. The process is tailored to your needs and level of experience.
  • Become mindful, kind, compassionate and open to loving experiences.

By trusting the wisdom of your mind and heart, you become empowered, motivated and open to opportunities in life. You can attain powerful personal insight and connection to others. At the centre of your heart is your authentic self, true identity and who you are at the deepest level of being.

Change is an inevitable part of life and cannot be controlled. The tendency to hold onto the familiar is to resist change and remain stuck at a threshold. This is the source of much pain, dis-ease and distress that people experience.

Suffering is the product of holding onto anything which no longer serves us. The combination of intellectual, emotional, physical and Transformative Psychotherapy provides a holistic approach to resolving many of life’s problems.

Retreats & Intensives give you time away, providing you with the ideal setting to review and renew and move forward with new impetus, vision and momentum as an individual or a couple.

The body keeps the score’ – Van der Kolk

Energy Psychotherapy is a holistic approach that integrates the latest research on trauma and the brain with the prinperson’sf energy and body psychotherapy. It aims to address the root causes of trauma-related symptoms by working with the mind, body and energy field simultaneously. Energy Psychotherapy uses gentle techniques such as tapping, breathing and visualizatiperson’slp clients release the emotional and energetic blocks that keep them stuck in patterns of suffering. By clearing these blocks, clients can access their innate healing potential and restore their well-being. Energy Psychotherapy is suitable for clients who have experienced various types of trauma, including intergenerational, attachment, pre-verbal and complex trauma.

– Spirit release work: This therapy involves identifying and releasing unwanted spiritual energies that may affect a person’s well-being.
– Distant healing: This type of healing involves sending positive energy or intentioperson’seone not physically present.
– Dreamwork: This technique involves exploring and interpreting the meaning of dreams and how they relate to a person’s life.
– Understanding death & dying: This properson’solves helping people cope with their mortality or losing a loved one and finding meaning and purpose in their existence.
– Rituals and ceremonies: These are symbolic actions that involve performing specific tasks or saying certain words to mark a significant event or transition or to honour a sacred entity.
– Medicine plant aftercare: This involves helping people integrate their experiences with psychoactive plants into their daily lives.
– Power animal work: This technique involves connecting with an animal spirit representing a person’s strengths, qualities, or abilities and learning from wisdom and guidance.
– Past life regression: This method involves accessing memories or impressions of previous lifetimes that may impact a person’s current situation or issues.


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