Retreats are suitable for couples and Individuals

Healing The Heart Retreat

On the Retreats you will;

  • Slow down, take a breath and relax.
  • Learn about cultivating healthy relationships with yourself and other people in your life.
  • Practice chi kung, meditation, yoga and enjoy some spectacular walks.
  • Develop tools to help you discover and hone your ability to give and receive the essence of all relationships.
  • Discover how your uncommunicated needs can cause difficulties in your life.
  • Learn to communicate your needs effectively.
  • Learn to express and contain emotions in a way that is productive and conscious.
  • Work through obstacles that prevent you from being in a loving relationship.
  • Awaken and enter a blissful Heart space of potentiality and healing.

Each Retreat is a unique experience.

Love is a natural state of consciousness. Love is at your very core. Love shines a light on your uniqueness. In the spontaneity of love, boundaries disappear. When love appears, separateness disappears.
Aisha is a skilled facilitator, who makes the material and content is relevant to all people who attend.

Benefits of attending a retreats include;

  • Having a sense of renewed energy and balance
  • A willingness to implement and sustain change
  • Relationships and connections improved in tangible ways
  • Finding balance of Mind and Body
  • Feeling connected with your inner peace

Turn a week’s holiday into more than rest and relaxation. Come and heal yourself with self-love and compassion. Embody the simplicity of your core truth, values, dreams and desires that are at the heart of the real you.

When you live from the heart you can transform your life.

Discover how to trust the wisdom of your heart to become stronger, more authentic and more loving. To attract all that is right for you and the right relationships.

The heart is sometimes crushed , buried and denied in favour of the head , living the heart can lead to profoundly healing experiences, personal satisfaction and happiness.

Living from the Heart uses transformational psychotherapy combining Breath work,
Energy work, Yoga, Meditation and Photo Therapy

  • Feel clearer about your purpose and direction in life.
  • Experience deep rest and relaxation from the tranquility of the surrounding landscape.
  • Awaken your sense of adventure, joy and passion
  • Experience a healing space designed to awaken and enliven your greatest potential and gifts.
  • Heal and improve your relationships with others
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Create a positive body image and sense of sexuality, and confidence
  • Develop a stronger self awareness and self esteem
  • Rest, rejuvenate and renew.

You will greatly benefit from attending this powerful week away alone or with a partner.
Living from the heart means communicating your truth authentically, compassionately and lovingly. This results in relationships that are both satisfying and nurturing. When you live from the heart you can achieve anything. You can naturally and simply come to understand your purpose, fulfil your desires and realise your potential.
Living from the Heart’s goal is to encourage your growth, help you to let go of what holds you back and achieve optimal health of Mind and Body.

During this week with me you will practice finding stillness of mind and body each day. Stillness helps you listen to your body’s wisdom by becoming present instead of ruminating about the past or projecting yourself into the future.
I will guide you in a unique process to identify, transform, and release memories and beliefs prevent you from giving and receiving love. I will help you become aware of how these patterns may be still present today at the root of many emotional and relationship difficulties.

I work intuitively and use a range of mind and body techniques that have been honed over time to help you heal you heart. These verbal, non verbal and physical exercises are designed to open the heart and increase intimacy, compassion and understanding. The morning session will usually consist of Kundalini Yoga, breath work and gentle Chi Kung; the afternoon sessions will be a mixture of meditation and various group exercises centred on awakening the heart. The process will be based on a response to what the group brings. When you meditate and practice breath work the balance of brain wave activity shifts, Alpha, Theta and Gamma waves increases leading to relaxation and calm, Beta the thinking and stress related brainwaves subside. Learn how your Mind and Body can coexist in harmony whilst improving your body image and self esteem.

There is plenty of time to rest, relax and play, walk the woodlands, or simply laze by the swimming pool among the olive trees.

 £995 per person

Flights can be booked from Stansted to Porto with Ryanair

The fee per person is £995 based on double occupancy. Single room rates apply

On the retreat you will:
Improve your relationships with yourself and others
Master the art of conscious relationships Find a balance of mind and body Relax, and learn to respond to life more calmly
Transform challenges into positive, personal, professional and spiritual transitions
Look and feel more vibrant and alive.
The Venue is located in Central Portugal between the towns of Tomar and Sertã and near the small town of Cernache do Bonjardim. The nearest Airport is Lisbon which is approximately 1 hour and 45 mins away from the venue. Set in a tranquil location in the forested hills of Central Portugal, far away from the crowds, just 3 km from the beautiful ‘Castelo de Bode’ lake and 8 km from the small town of Cernache de Bonjardim. The venue sits within a small valley surrounded by eucalyptus, pine and cork oak trees and consists of a three storey, one hundred year old manor house, yoga studio, swimming pool, barbecue area, courtyard, small fruit orchard and vegetable garden.
Swimming pool
The swimming pool is surrounded by an L-shaped tiled terrace plus a lawned area where guests can enjoy views of the hills and surrounding countryside. The pool is filled with salt water and uses an electrolysis cell system to convert the salt into chlorine, which results in very low levels of both which are kinder to your hair, skin and eyes.
Walking The rural location lends itself to walking where you can immerse yourself in the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of nature and the forest. There is a short walk around the valley of approximately 1.5km / 1 mile. Two guided walks can be arranged through the forest; to the lake or to São Macario church on top of a nearby hill with breathtaking panoramic views. Both trails are about two hours long
Rowing boats / Kayaking
A wonderful way to enjoy the lovely views from the water. Rowing boats and kayaks can be hired in Dornes during summer, is a small, beautiful historic village and sits on an enchanted peninsula. The stone cottages are built on hilly cobbled streets. Overlooking the village is an unusual 5 sided tower and church. It was built by the Knights Templar as a watchtower and defensive bastion for the region during the Christian re-conquest. In the 16th century, a more peaceful period, it was adapted into a bell tower for the neighbouring mother church. From here you have spectacular views of the river, which curls around 3 sides of the peninsula and the surrounding green hills. Dornes is a 5 minute drive from the venue.

Living from the Heart can assist you

Living from the Heart is a programme that can be easily introduced into your life. All workshops and Retreats can be taken individually or followed as part of an ongoing process which provides deep and lasting results that expand over time. One to one sessions for couples and individuals are also offered.

Living from the Heart is suitable for individuals and couples who want to improve all aspects of their relationships.

The unique Holistic combination of physical activities, creative expression, meditation and psychotherapy creates a powerful combination for change.

In loving relationships, the heart, is the centre or core of our connections; the home of our true nature.

The retreats will help you lead you to enter the heart and experience the deep connections with yourself and others. Restore balance of mind and body, escape from the stress and anxieties of daily life and return with focus and serenity.

Assisting you to find an inner balance, knowing when to flow, when to initiate, and when to hold back. Learning to recognise these moments in your life brings aliveness and encourages meaningful and empowering connections to your self and others.

By trusting the wisdom of your heart and mind you can become stronger, more authentic and more loving. You will attract all that is right for you and create more healthy and loving relationships.

Moving into balance becomes possible when you have an understanding of your Mind and Body. Emotions have a direct effect on how our bodies work. Fear-based emotions stimulate the release of one set of chemicals while love-based emotions release a different set of chemicals. Awakening The Heart is designed to offer you a nurturing space to reflect, rest and renew.

The process of relationships can be a sacred path. Far from being an obstacle to our personal and spiritual development, relationships can be a catalyst for discovering our true essence. When we “fall in love” our deepest need to be seen and
understood is awoken. You can learn to understand love’s cycles of giving and
receiving and improve your relationship dynamics. The closer we come to another, the better we come to know ourselves.

On the retreats you will explore themes of Love, wisdom, stability, perseverance, patience, finding equilibrium, and Compassion. You will be exploring how to improve your relationships.

Living from the Heart Retreat

Has been designed for those who are ready and committed to reaching their full potential. It is an opportunity to obtain distance from daily life and rediscover your true self. As you begin to understand your purpose with clarity, you journey towards self-knowledge and increased loving awareness of everything around you.

Living from the Heart

This is an approach created by Aisha Ali over 20 years, drawing Eastern contemplative and spiritual practices and western Integrative psychotherapy approaches to the mind and body. Encouraging you to grow, let go of the familiar if it holds you back in your search for personal growth, self-awareness, and spirituality. Fear often arises as you seek to make such changes but a different truth explored on this retreat shows you an alternative, which allows you to explore your own truth and live by it.

The combination of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual work provides a holistic approach to resolving many of life’s problems.

Discover how to embrace the transformational power

of Living from the Heart

Knowing when to flow, when to initiate, and when to hold back, and learning to recognise these moments in our life encourages a meaningful and empowering use of energy, and, consequently, the quality of our life improves.

Relationships are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of life. The more intimate the relationship the larger opportunity for growth we are given. Relationships are mirrors for us to learn more about ourselves.

You will love Living from the Heart

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A non refundable deposit of £100 per person per week is required.

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