Individual and group supervision, or clinical discussion groups, are invaluable to psychotherapists, counsellors, medical practitioners, and allied professionals. It is essential for anyone who works with people.

Supervision provides a place for support, encouragement, analysis, insight and feedback.

I work from an Integrative approach, deeply considering other theories and approaches as appropriate.  I am interested in the reflective and parallel supervision process, which can offer a mirror of the therapeutic process with clients. The discovery of this can provide a profound understanding of client material.

Courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Aisha Ali will conduct workshops for professionals to further their knowledge and understanding of working with the mind and body.

These are open to qualified psychotherapists and Counsellors, Alternative therapists and Professionals in mental health and social care services.

The experiential nature of the work lends encouragement towards personal development as part of the process.

Please get in touch with me to discuss the suitability of the workshop for you.

Body Image and Identity

An exploration

27th March 10 – 5 pm
Whitelands College, Roehampton University

This workshop will explore working body image and identity. Body image is a complex concept. It is of a mercurial nature, the self-image we have in our mind’s eye. It is affected by all relationships with family, peers, media, life experiences, and how people believe others perceive them. One characteristic of people often hold in common who have eating disorders is a high level of body dissatisfaction or negative body image; they are deeply displeased and highly critical of their bodies. Displeasure is a more accurate indication of how they feel inside than how they look on the outside.

A healthy body image includes having a realistic picture of our body, accepting this image without fear or shame, recognising the wholeness and connectedness of our body, mind, and spirit, and allowing ourselves to experience our infinite capacity for pleasure.

Learning outcomes

The workshop will introduce techniques to use with clients when working with body image. Storytelling, including the role of the mother and father’s body in relationships with their daughter and or son.

Learn to work with negative and positive core beliefs and how to help clients transform these.

Exploring body image and its impact on sexuality

Working with Body image and eating disorders

We will be exploring somatic and psychological approaches.

This workshop-style event is suitable for anyone interested in body image and identity for themselves or for practitioners who want to support their work with others. It is intended for practitioners from across the spectrum of talking treatments and psychological therapies, both experienced practitioners and those in training, who are interested in developing an understanding of working with body image and identity in their practice.

Venue white lands College, Roehampton University
Holybourne Avenue, London Sw15 4JD

Working with Sexual issues and sexuality

exploring sexuality in therapy

17th April 10 – 5 pm
Whitelands College, Roehampton University

Concerns about sex and intimacy are common. This workshop will address working with sexual issues. Exploring the feelings that arise, including shame, the work can evoke in both our clients and us. Many of our experiences of love, intimacy and sexuality are linked unconsciously to feelings of shame, guilt or fear. We do not always recognise that our thoughts about these topics prevent us from fully expressing and receiving love.
This workshop will introduce ways to help you and your clients develop a healthy sense of sexuality and desire and be able to integrate this into an expanded practice.

Learning outcomes

The workshop will provide an introduction to working with sexuality and intimacy. Transform negative and positive core beliefs. The workshop will be experiential and focus on assessment, transferential issues and relationship dynamics, using directive and non-directive practice: communication, sexual problems, psychosexual counselling and ethical complexity. The workshop is suitable for anyone interested in these areas for themselves or practitioners and those in training who want to support their work with others who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in working with psychosexual issues. It has been designed to contribute to the continuous professional development needs of qualified practitioners who work in mental health.

Venue Whitelands College, Roehampton University
Directions CLICK HERE
Address Holybourne Avenue, London Sw15 4JD

Consultancy and Training

I provide bespoke training on a wide range of psychotherapy-related topics.

Aisha offers an experiential learning experience– learning by doing and combining many practical exercises that make learning fun and memorable.

Aisha is devoted to inspiring people to realise their full potential through a wealth of engaging, innovative and challenging learning, providing development, psychotherapy, consultancy and training and supervision.

Aisha provides various bespoke consultancy and training psychotherapy services to individuals and organisations. I work with businesses, schools, teams of health professionals and voluntary and statutory organisations regardless of size.

Aisha enables people to access creativity and innovation whilst helping them take responsibility for their decisions and actions whilst maximising their impact and effectiveness in your organisation.

I am happy to consider any subject your organisation would find helpful. Some topics we have provided below include
I have provided


Conscious leadership retreats and workshops

Traumatic incident reduction

Working with Diversity and Difference

Dealing with Stress

Personal development programmes

Self-esteem and confidence

Conflict resolution

Experiential team-building events

Group dynamics


Anger management

Body Image and Identity

Managing change