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Couples Therapy | Psychotherapy & Counselling|Couples Intensives | Couples Retreats | Executive Psychotherapy

Are you facing relationship challenges, trapped in conflict, resentment, or loneliness cycles? Are you seeking to rekindle the love and trust in your partnership?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may find value in Executive psychotherapy or couples therapy or counselling with me.

Couples therapy and couples counselling is a form of therapy that helps couples improve communication, resolve issues, and enhance intimacy. Couples therapy can help individuals heal from traumas, cope with stress, and grow.

I am a Psychotherapist with over 25 years of clinical experience in North London. My Psychotherapy and counselling services are available for individuals, couples, and groups, both online and in person. I offer couples retreats and intensives for those who want to strengthen their relationship.

I work with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, and sexualities, and I tailor my approach to meet your specific goals and needs. My ultimate goal is to help you transform your life and relationship. I am passionate about helping you transform your life and relationship.

Please contact me today to learn more about my services or book a session. I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey.

Counselling and Psychotherapy enable you to understand your personal history and how negative patterns lead to emotional stress.

Psychotherapy encourages you to move from concern with problems and symptoms towards exploring how you might lead a more fulfilling and authentic life. It helps you accept and make necessary changes to live more constructively and in a fulfilling way.

My approach is integrative, attending to the whole person’s perceptions, thoughts, feelings and physical experience. I work with therapeutic approaches such as  Meditation, Energy work, and breathwork.

Change is an inevitable part of life and cannot be controlled. The tendency to hold onto the familiar is to resist change and remain stuck at a threshold. This is the source of much pain, dis-ease and distress that people experience. Suffering is the product of holding onto anything that no longer serves us.

Executive Therapy for Professionals and Conscious Leadership Intensives are specialised psychotherapeutic approaches tailored for professionals in conscious leadership. These approaches help individuals address the unique challenges in their personal and professional lives, cultivating self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication in intimate and dual systems in North London, face-to-face sessions, and online worldwide. I offer couples, individuals, and groups psychotherapy to help you achieve your goals.





Energy Healing for Relationships

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Couples Counselling, Couples Therapy, Couples Intensives, Retreats,  Psychotherapy & Counselling

You may benefit from couples counselling or couples therapy if you want to improve your relationship. These professional services can help you and your partner communicate better, resolve conflicts, and enhance intimacy. Couples counselling and couples therapy is usually offered in weekly sessions, but if you need more intensive support, you may consider couples intensives or retreats. These longer, more immersive experiences can help you and your partner reconnect and heal—couples retreats and psychotherapy for professionals in the North London area. You will find an experienced therapist who can guide you. Contact me today to find out more or to book your session.

Couples Therapy
  • Relationship difficulties, or inability to sustain loving relationships.
  • Negative or conflictual beliefs about love and intimacy can affect your relationships.
  • Problems in your relationships, family/friends/work/ self
  • Difficulties with your Sexuality and Identity
  • Anxiety/worry
  • Abuse, sexual, physical or emotional
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Managing Stress
  • Coping with  Traumatic life events such as illness/accidents/loss
  • Coping with difficulties at work or with work. Life, work balance
  • Grief and Loss
  • Creativity and spiritual issues
  • Dramatherapy, Art Therapy, Yoga Therapy
  • Dis – ease and emotional distress
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders, Body image and weight problems
  • Life crises, dilemmas, transitions and changes
  •  Gay, Lesbian Bisexual issues

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