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Are you ready to rekindle the spark in your relationship and embark on a transformative journey of growth and connection? Join me for a couples’ intensive or couples retreat, where you’ll rediscover love, enhance communication, and strengthen your bond.

My tailored Couples Intensives are designed for those seeking more in-depth assistance. These immersive experiences provide a unique opportunity for you and your partner to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and enhance intimacy. We will work on repairing and reestablishing your relationship, guiding you toward a more conscious and loving partnership.

Couples Counselling, Couples Therapy, Couples Intensives

You may benefit from couples counselling or couples therapy if you want to improve your relationship. These professional services can help you and your partner communicate better, resolve conflicts, and enhance intimacy. Couples counselling and couples therapy are usually offered in weekly sessions, but if you need more intensive support, you may consider couples intensives or retreats. These longer, more immersive experiences can help you and your partner reconnect and heal—couples retreats and psychotherapy for professionals in the North London area. You will find an experienced therapist who can guide you. Contact me today to find out more or to book your session.

If you’re a professional living in North London or beyond and seeking a Couples Intensive, Couples Retreat, or Couples Therapy, your search ends here. Let’s embark on this journey of transformation together.

Couples intensives or retreats can offer the impactful interventions needed to help you and your partner overcome challenges and rediscover the authenticity of your relationship. If your relationship is struggling and you are eager to make a positive change, couples intensives or retreats can be highly beneficial. These experiences incorporate interventions to help you and your partner overcome challenges and rediscover an authentic and conscious relationship.

I provide couples intensives and couples therapy in a safe and supportive environment, catering to professionals with diverse backgrounds and circumstances, including transcultural topics. I work with a diverse range of professionals, including executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, therapists, doctors, solicitors, teachers, creatives, musicians, artists, engineers, technologists, business owners, coaches, mentors, individuals from financial services, scientists, researchers, and nonprofit leaders.

What sets me apart is my commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can explore the depths of your experiences, thoughts, and behaviours. Through integrative psychotherapy, meditation, energy work, and breathwork, I facilitate your self-discovery and guide you towards making positive changes in your life.

Couples Retreat | Couples Intensive | Couples Therapy | London | Worldwide

Your Destination for Relationship Healing

Are you seeking support and guidance to strengthen your relationship? I specialise in marriage counselling, relationship counselling, and couples counselling.  I am an experienced consultant Psychotherapist here to assist you on your journey towards a healthier and happier partnership.

Marriage counselling and relationship Counselling are tailored to meet your needs. I understand that every relationship is unique, and I am committed to helping you navigate challenges, improve communication, and enhance intimacy to help you build a more fulfilling relationship.

Couples Marriage Counseling and Marital Therapy If you and your partner face difficulties, our couples marriage counselling and marital therapy can provide the support you need. I specialise in helping couples overcome obstacles, rebuild trust, and reignite the spark in their relationship. I am dedicated to helping you find lasting solutions.

Expert Relationship Therapist, I am a consultant psychotherapist here to guide you through your journey of healing and growth. I have extensive experience in working with diverse couples and individuals, addressing a wide range of issues. Whether you’re seeking marriage therapy, relationship counselling, or couples marriage counselling, I  am here to provide you with the expertise and support you deserve.

Improve your relationship by taking the first step towards a healthier and harmonious partnership. Schedule a consultation today for relationship healing. Inquire about my upcoming Long Weekend Retreats and Couples Intensives for valuable insights. My weekend workshops and retreats are organised throughout the year. Get in touch with me to start your transformative journey.

I offer face-to-face, online and telephone sessions for psychotherapy and counselling, serving Highgate North London within easy reach of Crouch End Archway, Muswell Hill, Hampstead and the City of London, and beyond, focusing on relationships, sexuality, couples retreats, and marriage counselling.

Start your journey towards a more conscious and loving relationship with yourself and others.

Intensive Therapy | Couples Therapy | Couples Retreat

Couples Intensives and Couples Retreats provide a dedicated space for you and your partner to understand and address your challenges. Whether attended solely by you and your partner or in a small group, these intensive, immersive experiences offer a powerful combination of therapeutic and creative interventions. Integrating couples workshops, retreats, and relationship and couples therapy, they equip you with the tools for a successful and fulfilling relationship.

Couples Intensives are designed to help couples committed to making their relationship work but struggling to make positive changes. I tailor my approach to your needs to ensure you get the most out of our work together.

At the heart of every relationship issue are the individual struggles of each person involved. Often, these struggles stem from unresolved emotional pain that can make it difficult to form and maintain healthy relationships.

Couple Intensives focus on the core problems between two people who want the relationship to work but feel stuck on making positive changes. These are tailored to your needs to maximise the benefits you gain from the Couples retreat or Couples Intensive.

Relationship problems are always about individuals and what is created between two people.

Many people carry much-unresolved wounding, which may not always be conducive to resolving and forming healthy relationships.

The work focuses on each individual’s difficulties and blind spots, relationship symptoms, and problems.
Couples retreats or couples intensives will help you and your partner identify conflicts within your marriage or relationship. You will learn what changes are needed in the connection and in the behaviour of each partner for both of you to feel satisfied with the relationship.

Couples Intensives | Couples Therapy | Executive Therapy | London | Worldwide

A Couples Intensive provides a distinctive, hands-on, practical method to prioritise your relationship. I have crafted this approach over years of dedicated work with couples, ensuring it’s a practical and efficient way to enhance your relationship.

The retreat benefits couples in all stages of their relationship, whether married or unmarried, regardless of their sexuality.

Many couples attend when there are difficulties in the relationship to get tools to resolve deep problems and turn things around. Couples discover a way through their difficulties together.

The couples retreat, or couples Intensives, will allow you to spend a concentrated block of time working on your relationship in a group.
During and after your sessions with Aisha, you’ll have ample time to practice, reflect on what you’ve learned, and enjoy time together with plenty of time to Relax, Rest, Renew and rejuvenate.

On a couples Intensive, you will learn powerful tools to transform your relationship, leading to greater intimacy and relational maturity.

Couples Intensives are tailored to support you as a couple in this change process.

Couples Intensives | Couples Retreats | Couples Therapy

Designed for common relationship difficulties;

  • Insecurity and Jealously
  • Inability to discuss feelings
  • Repeating destructive relationship patterns
  • Loss of Trust
  • Discussions of Separation / Divorce
  • Adapting to becoming parents
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Separation
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Lesbian & Gay issues (LGBTQ)
  • Infidelity
  • Poor communication
  • Conflicts and Power Dynamics
  • Difficulties with Intimacy
  • Coming to terms with an ending
  • Commitment difficulties
  • Feeling unloved
  • In-laws and family
  • Fertility Issues
  • Sexuality
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Sexual Desire Problems
  • Poor self-esteem
  •  Breakdown of a couple’s sexual relationship
  • Unhappiness
  • Addictive Behaviours
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Affairs
  • Consistent argument
  • Premarital difficulties
Powerful Tools for Building a Conscious Relationship

During a Couples Intensive or Couples retreat, you can expect to learn various tools and strategies to improve your relationship. These may include meditation, energy work, and breath work, among others. The goal is to provide you and your partner with a toolkit of techniques that can be used to strengthen your bond and deepen your connection.

My work is based on exploring the process of relationships as a sacred path. Far from being an obstacle to your personal growth and development, relationships can be a catalyst for discovering your authenticity.

When you “fall in love,” your most profound need to be seen and understood is awoken. You will learn to understand the cycles of giving and receiving in loving relationships. You will improve your relational skills and learn tools to dissolve conflict.

The closer you come to another person, the better you know yourself.

Aliveness emerges from a deep connection with yourself and your partner.

Many people return from a Couples Intensive or Couples retreat with renewed spirits, having new tools and strategies to continue developing and supporting the positive changes they have made. Relationships grow visibly: relationships are saved, trust is built, and commitments are increased.

I have been leading couples in learning to create more satisfying relationships for over 25 years. I work in a highly supportive way, respecting and responding to your needs and helping you progress and achieve tangible goals.

Transforming Relationships Couples Intensives & couples retreats provide powerful tools.

  • Learn to create loving relationships and resolve difficulties.
  • Discover how your beliefs about love and intimacy affect your relationships and ability to love
  • Enable you to make conscious decisions.
  • Address persistent negative feelings of being unloved and unlovable.
  • Transform challenges in relationships into positive personal transitions.
  • Create healthy and successful dynamics in relationships that enable you to grow.
  • Learn ways to create the depths of intimacy you desire.
  • Explore and move towards resolving psychosexual difficulties.
  • Explore sexuality and desire as an integral part of your relationship.
  • Learn to have more deeply intimate sexual experiences.
  • Develop a healthier sense of sexuality and desire in relationships.
  • Create loving, endearing kindness in your sexuality.
  • Explore sexual fear and avoidance and other blocks to healthy sexuality.
  • Explore power struggles, moving towards more loving and conscious relationships.
  • Explore Cross-cultural, racial, social, and religious differences in relationships.
  • Make conscious choices in relationships.

Having concentrated blocks of time over one or several days is an incredibly satisfying and empowering experience.

It allows the optimum amount of time for issues and possible solutions. The time between sessions allows for personal processing and specific reflection.

The Couples Retreats are most effective when a retreat-like setting is curated free from the distractions and pressures of daily life. This provides the perfect opportunity for your work to be deeply absorbed and integrated.

The Couple Intensives I offer primarily take place in North London Highgate. Additionally, I provide the option for a completely tailored Couple Intensive at your chosen location, whether in the UK or abroad. Please discuss this with me.

The Couple Intensives primarily take place in North London Highgate. However, I can also arrange your intensive in conducive surroundings in the UK or abroad, allowing for a residential retreat experience spanning one or two nights. This option enables you to immerse yourself fully in the Couple Intensive process. Please note that accommodation and related expenses are additional investments.

Highgate North London is a peaceful urban oasis.
The New Forest An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a stunning area of protected countryside
Norfolk: A rural retreat
 The weekends will allow you to spend a long, concentrated block working on your relationship. During and after your Intensive session, you’ll have ample time to practice, reflect on what you’ve learned, and enjoy time together. These retreats are very popular with clients. Couples value the sense of direction and insight gained in the morning or afternoon or over a few days.

The Couple Intensives & Retreats allow you to invest focused time in your relationship. You’ll have extended periods to work on your partnership during and after the Intensive sessions. This will enable you to practice and reflect on your learning while enjoying quality time together. Our clients highly seek these retreats, as they offer a sense of direction and valuable insights in just a morning, afternoon, or over a couple of days.

All couples intensives are tailored to your needs as a couple the below is an illustration
Arrive Friday afternoon for your Couples Intensive Retreat. Schedule an early session with dinner to follow. Be sure to make dinner your reservations in many of the fine local eateries or London’s West End is famous for its fantastic range of theatres. I can provide you with a list of excellent places to stay and to dine locally. The Friday afternoon session gives both of you a chance to warm up for the weekend Intensive.
Saturday 10am start we work on communication styles both nonverbal and verbal. 11.15 – 11.30 Short Break
11.30 – 1.00pm You will explore what’s problematic in the way you are relating; why it is problematic. I will use techniques to help you resolve conflict when you feel like you are at an impasse. You and your partner can learn to understand one another and to discuss problems calmly. Acknowledgement that each partner communicates differently helps resolves problems. Partners learn that disagreements are not signs of love loss but are normal occurrences in relationships that can be resolved through communication. Exploring Unconscious Roots of Problems
1.00 – 1.30 Lunch You have opportunity to explore the locale there is a café called Quarters with an adjoining a shop crammed with Scandinavian antiques. Or venture into Highgate village which boosts many cafes and the village pantry. What a delightful way to spend a lunch together. I will also have a lunch break and process the mornings work.
1.30 – 2.30 Explore your desire for a healthy relationship and your story so far as a couple allowing you to explore the past to bring to light negativities that otherwise remain hidden. By exploring conceptions and behaviours, you will gain insight into issues that have been troubling you and your partner. This intention here is find new ways to deal with your problems, effectively rewriting the love story of your relationship.
2.30 – 2.45 Break
2.45 – 4pm we will explore the Emotional discord in your relationship which is often expressed as dissatisfaction, criticism, or anger. This may force you to seek comfort from people outside your relationship. We will examine the root of negative emotions and behaviours to find the cause of severed communication between you and your partner. Close for the day.
On Sunday we will work 10 – 4pm. Your second day is structured based upon the therapeutic goals and treatment plan that arises out of the work so far. I will tailor your day based on interventions that best suit the issues you present.

Based on a Couple’s requirements, over one day or several days

  • Couples who are looking for an intensive and Transformative approach to Relationship Therapy and want to have private couples counselling sessions
  • Couples dealing with life crises, dilemmas, transitions and changes
  • Couples wishing to move towards a more profound connection together.

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