Energy Healing for Relationships You deserve an amazing life

You are exceptional with unique abilities that should be celebrated daily. You deserve the best and should never settle for less.

Energy is all around us – Your body is full of energy, chi, and prana life force energy;  energy flows through all beings, maintaining optimal health of mind, body and spirit.  

Energy healing for relationships and energy psychotherapy help release the mind and body experiences and emotions stuck in the body.

Psychotherapy focusing on energy is a gentle yet effective way to heal the mind and body deeply. Its goal is to clear and release emotional and energetic trauma patterns, including attachment and relational, complex, ancestral, and past life traumas. Energy psychotherapy can also help replace outdated beliefs with new, positive ones. This therapy is profoundly healing and can reset the vagus nerve, shifting the body into a state of “rest and digest” instead of the habitual survival response. As relationships improve, triggers for distress will lessen.

The Energy in relationships does not dissipate if you are physically separated.

Energy binds us together even when distances or circumstances create separation.

Despite our best efforts to build meaningful and positive relationships, there will always be times when life happens, and our relationships end up in turmoil. Even relationships with “good” energy can suffer from time to time.

When we resent a person, have a falling out with a friend, separate from a romantic partner, or develop tension with a colleague, rather than working through and managing the difficulty, a common reaction is to bury the negative emotion. You become estranged from those you were once close to, attempt to distract yourself with new relationships and opportunities or forget about a situation or person.

You might avoid the initial discomfort but do not deal with or release the underlying emotion and energy.

Negative energy keeps you “stuck” emotionally –  energy is a frequency that binds you to people, places and situations. – it can continue to affect the other person.

 As long as this energy is trapped, neither person can heal fully. Ensuring that any trapped energy is released and healed can be extremely powerful, regardless of whether you hope to re-establish a connection with a person.

Many people repeat relationship and family patterns, refusing to deal with unhealed wounding and change.

Energy Healing for Relationships Let’s take Jasper; after his divorce, he was devastated that his children refused contact with him and eventually accepted their decision. He did not see his preoccupation with work success preventing him from valuing and investing in his relationships. His blind spots prevented him from seeing the nature of the conflict he was re-enacting and blocked his ability to have empathy for others.  Jasper remarried years later and, to his horror, encountered the same pattern with two grown-up stepchildren. They shared similar difficulties with their relationship with him. Jasper had a huge blind spot that blocked his ability to be empathic and prevented him from caring for anyone but himself.

To make matters worse, he could not express an emotion other than anger. He would rage, close down and withdraw, sometimes experiencing a sense of being overwhelmed and desperately unhappy. Jasper was asked to reflect on what he had ‘heard’ in the sessions and to explore the pattern in therapy,  its development and how it influenced his relationships. Jasper found this problematic because he had no experience reflecting on himself. He had no access to his feelings.

As Jasper shared his story with me, his eyes filled with tears. Recognising the emergence of emotion, I invited him to slow down and notice the physical experience of his sadness with compassion towards it. He stopped speaking and focused inward. As he did, the sadness increased, allowing his tears to flow unencumbered by conflict.

Jasper cried as I quietly sat present with him, making sure he felt safe and not alone. Soon, the wave of effect passed. I then gently directed him to stay focused on what was happening in his body; the sadness had passed. After a moment of silence, he looked up at me with bright eyes. “I feel calm now,” he said. “I was a very sad child,” he reported with newfound insight, clarity, compassion, and recognition of how his parents’ difficulties had affected him.

He learned to develop conscious awareness of bodily sensation and observe and change ongoing survival physiological states. Repair relationship ruptures on an implicit level, leading to long-lasting and profound change and drawing on Eastern practices and Western approaches to reducing trauma, such as integrative psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Energy Work. Working with Implicit memory as a pathway to reinstate secure attachments, increase self-regulation and restore his sense of self.

He created his healing space and centred his awareness inside his body, soul, and spirit. This helped him connect with his emotions, making it easier to reflect on who he was and what motivated him to act the way he did. It was gratifying to see Jaspers progress and the changes he experienced.

Once Jasper is in contact with his visceral experience of anger, I could help him work with that anger, processing it in healthier ways than acting out or acting in.

Human Kindness is a superpower

One way to process anger healthily is using fantasy to express an impulse. Another way to process anger is to stay with the visceral experience of the feeling.

You must experience the emotions accompanying your stories to heal the mind.

Like many people I work with, Jasper needs help connecting to their emotions and discovering that human kindness is a superpower. The same way you avoid painful or conflicting emotions in your lives is the same way you will naturally avoid feelings in therapy sessions.

Avoidance is not intentional. It’s just how the mind habitually protects itself from pain.

Jasper could work with his experiences safely, leading him to get in touch with his feelings as he shared them. This fosters openness and builds a greater capacity for intimacy and authenticity.  

Enhancing emotional capacity is a skill that translates into your outside lives and offers many benefits, including increased self-esteem, confidence,  curiosity in yourself and others, calmness, connectedness, clarity, and an overall increased sense of vitality.

Energy Healing for Relationships can transform your relationships by healing the wounds, blockages, and attachments that drive people apart from their roots in their subtle fields of energy and consciousness.

Energy Healing for Relationships will help you learn to recognise and release attachments that can interfere with communication, understanding, and the harmony of conscious relationships.

Attachments are not limited by time space. They are structures that, in the form of non-physical fields and blockages, can keep people connected from one lifetime to another.

                   It is your responsibility to take control of your healing and spiritual development. Fortunately, the people I have worked with, who accepted that responsibility, quickly recognised that their loved ones served as mirrors reflecting their issues. They realised that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with them. All they needed was a system of deep healing to make their aspirations for themselves and their world a reality.

Healing comes in many forms: a renewed sense of peace and serenity, the rekindling of a lost relationship, or the beginning of a  new relationship. Whether experienced individually or collectively, healing negative energy transforms relationships for the better. When you set out to transform or heal a relationship, it might be set on your terms rather than being open to a process of discovery and growth.

Even if you or one of your partners are sceptical—or if you think you can never forgive yourself r your partner for an injury that took place on the physical and subtle levels—you can use the process to heal the wounds that have interfered with the love and intimacy that are the basis of all relationships. If you’re ready, you can begin the process of deep healing, like Jasper, by creating your own healing space. 

Energy Healing for Relationships

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